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SCAM- Chennai airport tea vendor, “Chennai airport” tea vendor Scam

SCAM- Chennai airport tea vendor, “Chennai airport” tea vendor Scam !



Chennai Airport tea vendor scam comes to light:
A tea merchandiser acting at the Meenambakkam airport in Madras has landed in concealing web after a PMLA court recently froze his assets, that embody giant cash deposits and a couple of.5 kg of gold jewelry, in reference to a bribery case.

The case dates back to 2009 once CBI conducted searches on the export and import wares workplace of the Madras airport on alleged charges of corruption in the operations of the unit involving officials of the Customs department and others.

The agency, during this operation, searched the premises of G Kumar and taken over Rs. 2.32 large integer and over a hundred and eighty items of various gold ornaments. cash of quite Rs. three large integer was also found in his 3 bank accounts in the town.

The CBI later arrested Kumar, a class V dropout, and handed over the case to social control board of directors (ED) for probe beneath the prevention of money lavation Act (PMLA).

The ED’s probe threw up an interesting routine concerning however Kumar, UN agency used to work in tea outlets since childhood, allegedly connived with airport and Customs officials and clobbered up prohibited wealth and gold ornaments.

The probe agencies known that Kumar UN agency used to “distribute tea and different food items” to officials at the Meenambakkam air terminal since 1987 had a duty pass to enter the high-security area and had become a good friend of the officials denote there over a amount of time.

According to the blotter filed in this case by the probe agencies, it all began in 2000 once the officials allegedly asked Kumar to “get cash and product from clearing and forwarding agents” on behalf of them and secure to share a section of the plunder.

Kumar, UN agency the agencies same “was in sensible books” of the officials, was tasked to collect all these kickbacks so as to evade anti-corruption agencies.

However, CBI came vocation in 2009 once it was tipped off concerning these prohibited dealings at the airport.

Kumar, UN agency also owns a house, recorded his statement with the ED stating he purchased immense range of gold jewelry from the plunder he got as it was “risky to retain cash.”

Kumar also started filing taxation returns sitting as businessman of a firm so as to show the bribe cash as “legitimately earned” and to dodge the investigators.

The ED, after finishing its probe, connected these movable assets in September last year.

The adjudicating authority of the PMLA in metropolis, beneath its member and officiating judge Mukesh Kumar recently issued orders terming these assets as “proceeds of crime” and

Such is the height of business with the Chennai tea vendor .. just a Scam.

SCAM- Chennai airport tea vendor, “Chennai airport” tea vendor Scam

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SCAM- Chennai airport tea vendor, “Chennai airport” tea vendor Scam
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